Coil Handling

The Group has a complete line of in-house coil processing equipment that enable us handle and process the steel mother coils efficiently. Prior to production, these coils are processed into desired sizes by slitting into narrow widths or cut into steel plates.

Roll Forming

Roll forming is a critical process during production that produce profiles of various sizes and material thicknesses. The Group utilizes a vast array of customised roll formers capable of producing all the shapes and sizes in our product range. To ensure consistent quality, these machines are subjected to periodic maintenance schedules.

CNC Turret Punch

In addition to the roll formers, the Group deploys a number of CNC turret punches for pierced punching and general press work. They are predominantly used during production of perforated cable trays, ladders and accessories.

Laser Cuts

For non-linear shapes, advanced Laser cutting machines that are faster and more efficient are utilized to process our steel plates. These lasers are guided by a motion control system that follows a CNC programmed code of the pattern to be cut on to the material.

Robotic Welding

U-LI has utilized industrial robots in its manufacturing process since 2003. These robots are programmed to perform repeatable tasks especially in welding works.

The robotics welding and automation has improved factory productivity and produce high quality products, and achieving great consistency and repeatability each time.

Continuous Powder Spray Line

We have more than 30 years experience in powder coating of our finished goods. From a manually batch sprayed system when we first started, we have progressed into automated spray lines and has consistently developed our capabilities.

Today, U-LI’s automated continuous powder coating spray line is amongst the most modern and largest in the country, capable of generating outputs that easily meet nationwide demands.

Hot Dip Galvanizing

In our quest to be a fully integrated manufacturer and better meet customer demands, we have invested in our own hot dip galvanizing facilities at our latest factory in Nilai.

This new facility is capable of producing high quality lead free zinc galvanized products that complies to international standards of BE EN ISO 1461 and ASTM A123.