Cable Trunking

Metal Cable Trunking

Cable trunking is used as both protection and organisation of multiple running cables, where’s to protect cables from damage and to hide unsightly cables from view. U-LI offers metallic type cable trunking can be used in almost any location including homes, hotels and hospitals especially in electrical services. it is available in many materials, sizes and forms to suit the location and requirements of the installation. Trunking is usually square or rectangular in shape, whilst providing easy access to the cable when needed via a removable cover using screw locking and quick fixing turn buckle button.

Steel Surface Cable Trunking


  1. Hot roll mild steel to JIS G 3131 SPHC, JIS G 3101 SS400
  2. Cold roll mild steel to JIS G 3141 SPCC
  3. Corten steel EN 10025 S 355 JOW
  4. Pre-Galvanized Steel BS 2989
  5. Electro Galvanized to BS 1449 Pt.1: 1983
  6. Stainless Steel AISI grade 304, 316 & 316L
  7. Aluminium


  1. Hot Dipped Galvanized to BS EN ISO 1461 or ASTM A123
  2. Epoxy Powder Coated to ASTM D 1654, BS 6920
  3. Polyester Powder Coated to ASTM D 1654, BS 6920


  1. MS IEC 61084: 2006
  2. BS EN 50085
  3. BS 4678: Part 1


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