Floor Trunking

Floor Trunking Distribution System

U-LI’s Floor trunking distribution system is generally used for cable distribution via the flooring within an office and public area. It shall be installing complete with all necessary trunking ie; junction cross and tee with flyover bridge, elbow, service outlet box reducer, vertical access and end cap. The system comprises of single or multi-way ducts/trunking made of rigid, non-corrodible galvanized steel sheet. Multiway characteristic that is suitable for use in the distribution of telephone (voice), computer signal (data) and power (electrical) services.

Underfloor Trunking System

This is the screed covered floor trunking system having flexible solution for all types of screed delivers impressive and practical installation advantages buried into the screed. This system provides the simplest and most economical method where is the fastest installation among the other floor trunking system.

Raisedfloor Trunking System

The floor trunking system is installed under the raised flooring for both new constructions and buildings which are in the process of being refurbished and modernized. The trunking cover designed in 1220mm long in equal sections to allow easy access to interiors of trunking for maintenance purpose and it has provided with ø20mm or ø25mm knockouts on the covers to facilitate termination of flexible conduits. The raisedfloor service outlet boxes are normally secured with in panels that can be re-located anywhere within the access flooring.

Flushfloor Trunking

U-LI Flushfloor Trunking is designed with an extended extra rigid lid supported by compartmentalized removable separator to withstand load of 4.5kN. The modular design in equal section to facilitate subsequent removal and interchanging of cover and service boxes. U-LI offers the most ideal flushfloor trunking design base on the project layout and advise for the best solution in the most economical way.

Material: Pre-Galvanized to BS 2989 thickness 1.6 mm to maximum 6.0 mm
Standard: BS 4678: Part 2, MS IEC 61084-2-2


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