Cable Support System

Cable Support Systems Malaysia

The U-LI Group is a leading manufacturer and distributor of cables support systems in Malaysia. The manufacturing of cable support systems started back in 1978 to meet the growing demands of the Malaysian cable support systems market. Over the years our products have gained significant presence in both domestic and regional markets and today U-LI’s cable support systems are used in almost every major electrical installation in Malaysia.

Currently, we operate 5 manufacturing sites in Malaysia and employ close to 1,000 employees.

The main cable support systems products include:

Cable Tray

U-LI perforated type cable trays are designed to be compact and fast to install. With a unique integrated coupling system and NEMA VE-1 load rating, the combination of a straight cable tray with other accessories offers a wide range of options and multiple choices in tray profile to suit each construction design. We also manufacture cable trays to comply with recognized international standards.

Cable Ladder

Cable ladders offer one of the most flexible solution for the routing of cables especially for medium and heavy-duty cable installations in buildings, factories and industrial complexes. U-LI’s cable ladder range offers a wide choice of cabling depths and load capabilities to the installer. They are supplied in straight lengths, but are used with fittings to make directional or level changes using bends, tees, crosses or risers, or to change cabling widths with reducers.

Cable Trunking

Used throughout the building industry for support and protection of lightweight cables, U-LI’s cable trunking are made from high quality steel and are available in various sizes and forms to suit requirements of the installation. Designed for fast install and easy maintenance, our cable trunking can be supplied with either self tapping screw type or turnbuckle typed cover. Depending on corrosion protection required, they can be fabricated from pre-galvanized or hot dip galvanized steel, stainless steel or powder coated mild steel.

Wire Basket

Cable trays and wire baskets provide a safe open solution for routing cables and wires. Its wire-frame composition allows air to circulate for proper cable ventilation and provide a track that allows cables and wires to be routed around a building in an easily maintainable manner.

Floor Trunking

U-Li specializes in the design, manufacture and supply of Underfloor Trunking System, Raisedfloor Trunking System and Flushfloor Trunking System. U-LI’s Floor trunking systems are generally used for cable distribution via the flooring within an office space. It is normally installed complete with all necessary components including junction box, cross or tee with flyover, junction box elbow, service outlet, reducers, vertical access riser and end cap. The system comprises single or multi-way ducts/trunking made of rigid, non-corrodible galvanized steel sheets. The system has multiway characteristic that is suitable for use in the distribution of telephone (voice), computer signal (data) and power (electrical) service screeds and can be finished according to specification requirements.