T5 Light Fitting

T5 Light Fitting

GLC Series

GLC series T5 Batten is a new generation of linear battens offering high output or high efficiency lamp operating at high frequency for better illumination and lower consumption.


GWG Series

GWG series Wire Guard Batten is designed and equipped with rugged wire guard mesh for better protection against vandalism and breakage. Hence, ensuring general illumination for everyone’s safety and convenience.

GDD Series

GDD series Diakon T5 Batten featuring the unique cover plate reflector integrated with acrylic prismatic controller to provide a clean appearance with no gaps for better protection against insects and debris.

DKL Series

DKL series DiakonLux is a shallow profile twin daikon acrylic diffuser with an attractive light cluster providing a high efficiency and low glare solution. Its wraparound diffusers enable wide-beam distributions and ceiling illumination.

GTF Series

GTF series Triangular Shaped batten provides wide and general distribution of light. It is an architectural interpretation of the twin bare batten by incorporating a refreshing triangular profile.

GMF Series

GM series Modular fittings with specular reflector and ribbed cross vanes is optimally designed to meet the lighting requirements of retail outlets, offices, financial buildings and supermarkets. All louvres are located by posi-bolt which allow them to swing down for easy maintenance.


ILB Series

ILB series Split Mirror is a range of high specification luminaires utilizing cutting edge T5 + ECG technology working in synergy with custom designed T5 louvres. A perforated inlay to create a sleek contemporary appearance and provide a soft well balanced luminance.


ETF Series

ETF series Extreme Flat is a range of high specification luminaries utilizing cutting edge T5 + ECG technology working in synergy with custom designed T5 louvre. The housing is joint-free & is made in one piece top frame. This accentuates the exclusive appeal of the luminaire.


GAC Series

GAC series Modular fittings with framed prismatic diffuser is designed for efficient, economical and no-frills illumination of interior spaces and thus blends into the environment effortlessly. All framed diffuser are located by posi-bolt which allow them to swing down for easy maintenance.


GAC Clean Room Series

GAC Clean Room series Modular fittings with framed prismatic diffuser and lined with gasket is designed for controlled environment as in manufacturing facilities and medical areas.
All frame diffusers are located by posi-bolt which allowed them to swing down for easy maintenance.


CEF Series

CEF series Modular Corona fittings with Micro Perforation is a range of shallow direct-indirect luminaires in an unobtrusive low profile housing shape.
Providing the perfect answer to constrained plenum space and deliver for highly efficient direct-indirect illumination with the supremely engineered primary and secondary optical system.


U-LI Flight

U-LI Flight is a range of linear lighting system that utilizes the T5 technology in an aesthetically sculptured pendant luminaire. Its minimalist proportions and classical lines adds unobtrusive presence to any interior environment.

GWW Series

For directional illumination, GWW series range of asymmetrical light fittings provide an effective wall wash effect with exceptional lamp shielding. Harnessing the power of single or twin lamps, these fittings utilize a precision formed reflector optic that delivers high level of vertical illumination and washes wall with shadow free light from the ceiling to the floor.


T5 HB Series

T5 HB series High Performance Luminaire is specially designed for indoor high ceiling application. Applying the combination of T5 High Output lamps with High efficient optics to deliver a superior performance and energy saving from the system.

GCR IP65 Series

Goodlite GCR IP65 series is a range of weather and corrosive resistant fittings for sheltered outdoor mounting application. These rugged and handsomely design fittings provide efficient and functional illumination even in harsh, humid and dusty environment. This is further enhanced by the smooth outer surface of the fitting which facilitates easy cleaning and inhibits the built up of dust.